Thank You

Smiles all round

2020 has proved itself difficult and stressful, particularly for us in the care sector. I work in small LD residential home supporting 4 people with a staff team of 10 and they have just been fantastic. They have taken every bit of new and updated guidance thrown at them in their stride, they have bent backwards and forwards to cover all shifts and ensure we haven’t needed to bring in agency, and they have supported the guys anxieties and worries during lockdown with professionalism and the utmost care. In order to show them just how appreciated and valued they are, we took some time out as a team to celebrate Professional Carers Week back in September. Making sure we followed the safety guidance, we all enjoyed a nice lunch out at our local tea rooms and forgot our stresses just for a couple of hours. I’m incredibly lucky to manage the team I have, and I wouldn’t change them for the world!

Jacey Lund - Registered Manager