Warm Fuzzy Feeling

Spreading positivity

‘Community’ is just one of the words that echoed throughout 2020 with many people coming together forming support groups to help the elderly and most vulnerable.

When ‘Working from home’ became the new norm we all turned to the internet and the use of apps such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom becoming the way we connected with our colleagues, contacts, friends and family, the dining room table became the office finding the right spot to take that conference call, the stack of books required to keep the laptop at eye level and reducing the glare from the sun beaming through the windows.

When people turned to ‘Social media‘ to keep in contact, we saw the rise of TikTok with videos going viral and many new friends being created.

On Thursday’s we came together with the ‘Clap for carers’ to show our appreciation for all their hard work and efforts in keeping us all safe during the pandemic.

Community, Working from home, Social Media, Clap for carers

2020 certainly brought many challenges and still we face them as we move into 2021 with the majority of TV coverage, news and social media focusing upon such stories we felt its required to showcase the positives that still continue to happen across care services, from residents dancing, to personal milestones being achieved, a place where positivity can be picked up spread and bring a smile to others who read such news.


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